Every year more than 11 million people interact with America’s jails, costing local governments about $22 billion annually. Of these, 64% suffer from mental illness and 68% have Substance Abuse Disorder.

(Police1.com 2019)

Nationally, people with mental illness remain incarcerated 4 to 8 times longer on average than people without mental illness who are arrested for the same charge.

(Police1.com 2019)

Statistics reveal that over 60% of individuals with addiction often have a co-occurring mental health concern, and those with mental health concerns are more likely to use drugs of abuse than those without mental health concerns as a means of coping with mental health symptoms.

(National Institute On Drug Abuse)

The Reach Out program has had a direct impact on the average daily jail population. While the population in Yavapai County has increased by 6% from 2017 to 2022, the average daily jail census has declined by 5.3% during this same time frame resulting in substantial cost-savings of $1.2 million in costs to the county

(Yavapai Justice Collaborative Report 2022-Yavapai Reach Out Program)

“They say to serve is to love, and I think to serve is to heal too.”

Viola Davis


A county-wide coordinated initiative of the Yavapai Justice & Mental Health Coalition.

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Yavapai County Reach Out Initiative

The Reach Out Initiative includes a team of stakeholders that cross over multiple systems, including mental health, substance abuse, law enforcement, pretrial services, courts, jails, community corrections, housing, health, social services, family members and many others.

The goal is to improve cross-system collaborations to reduce involvement in the justice system by people with mental and substance abuse disorders.

Focusing on the Whole Person...


  • 24/7 Crisis Hotline & mobile crisis outreach teams


  • Transitioning inmates into appropriate mental health and substance use treatment


  • Enhanced communication between courts, pretrial services, correctional health services, attorneys, probation and local behavioral health services.


  • Access to recovery support, benefits, housing and employment services.

Our Progress

One Mind Pledge

Reach Out Model Toolkit

What is Reach Out?


In an effort to prevent arrests, trained Law Enforcement Officers utilize de-escalation skills and community 24/7 Crisis Response Teams to provide mental health treatment and support to divert from jail.


At time of booking, all inmates screened for mental health and substance use disorders. Those needing further assessment are connected to appropriate providers. Information is then provided to the court of jurisdiction for use during the inmates Initial Appearance.


Inmates meeting criteria receive an assessment and a treatment plan is developed. Collaboration occurs between the Jail, Regional Behavioral Health Authority, local Behavioral Health Homes and the Courts for determination of whether alternative services are appropriate or not.


The Jail collaborates with Pre-Trial Services and the Courts for diversion to treatment. Services begin within 24 hours of release and transportation is provided to ensure success.

*Individuals participating in the Post Arrest Diversion program are connected with SA & MH services (reduced jail time, earlier treatment).


Progress tracked in the program through Jail, Pre-Trial Services and the Behavioral Health Home. Released inmates provided Reentry support through employment, housing, coaching and other community resources.

Mental Health Awareness Training Project

The MHAT Project expands the use of evidence-based mental health training to build capacity of school personnel and law enforcement/emergency services personnel in Yavapai County to recognize signs and symptoms of mental illness and identify resources available in Yavapai County for individuals with mental illness and/or substance abuse concerns.

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is an 8-hour training course designed to teach how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illness and substance use disorders. Specific courses are available for law enforcement/first responders, adults who work with youth and college personnel.

Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)

Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) is a collaboration of Yavapai County Stakeholders to help law enforcement react appropriately to situations involving mental illnesses, substance use concerns, or intellectual disabilities.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

ASIST is a two-day interactive suicide first aid workshop for any person in a position of trust who wants to feel more comfortable, confident and competent in helping to prevent suicide.

Pretrial Diversion Program

The Yavapai County Attorney’s Office Pretrial Diversion Program is an alternative method of holding low level offenders whose offense has a nexus to substance abuse accountable for violations of the law through participation in an evidence-based education or treatment program that targets factors related to recidivism. The Program is intended to effectively redirect limited criminal justice resources, bring about participants’ rehabilitation, and give rise to safer communities. The Program diverts criminal cases from formal court proceedings and allows for the dismissal of charges if the Program is successfully completed.


The Suicide Prevention Coalition of Yavapai County is dedicated to ensuring community partnership among local agencies, which includes training, updates, events, and collaboration with a unified front to fight this problem.  The goal is to not only reduce the number of suicides (to zero) but to also empower the community to support each other and get involved in our fight to reduce the stigma around seeking mental health services.

Please visit https://spcyavapai.org/ or contact Community Counts at 928-708-0100 for additional information.

Need Help? Know someone that does?

Contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1.800.273.TALK (8255) or local community resources.


The Yavapai Criminal Justice (CJC) is a new facility constructed in Prescott, Arizona.  It represents the values of Yavapai County’s citizens, the Judicial System, and the County’s commitment to evidence-based and purpose-built design for restorative justice, alternatives to incarceration, deflection, and diversion, and comprehensive re-entry and re-integration. 


By investing in our community through prevention and intervention measures and establishing a system that advances connection to housing, employment, education, and behavioral and physical health services, this new facility is yet another step in the County’s comprehensive approach to public safety.


The Reach Out and Re-entry portion of the CJC facilitates service connection or persons exiting jail.  Service connections can include behavioral health, housing, veterans, probation, employment, and peer support services.  This space allows for community providers to meet with Reach Out participants immediately upon release from jail and begin the engagement process in a trauma-informed approach.  The mental health portion provides screening and evaluation for persons with a serious mental health disorder who are not willing or are not able to get the help they need.  There is a legal process (Title 36, Court Ordered Evaluations) in which the court can order a mental health evaluation and treatment.

Arizona law provides a means to obtain an involuntary mental health evaluation, involuntary treatment, as well as emergency hospitalization for a psychiatric evaluation.

Providing this space, separate from the jail yet connected to the Reach Out and re-entry facility (Connections Center), provides efficient and quality care coordination for individuals within this system.


For additional information, please see the Yavapai County Criminal Justice Facility Fact Sheet or the Program Validation.

Get Involved

The Yavapai Justice and Mental Health Coalition know that we can build a healthy and safe community because of our strong commitment of working in collaboration with our partners.

We welcome community members and agencies to work alongside us to create innovative processes which will:

  • Improve cross-system collaboration to reduce involvement in the justice system by people with mental and substance abuse disorders;
  • Strengthen the involuntary evaluation process to better serve the needs of the Yavapai Community;
  • Increase behavioral health access to children, youth, and families within the schools and the juvenile justice system;
  • Maintain an understanding of statewide legislation and policies that could affect or contribute to building a healthy and safe community.

Full Coalition meetings are held quarterly.  Please see the calendar for exact dates and locations.

For past meeting minutes please see:

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If you too share the hope that together we can transform lives, we welcome you to reach out for additional information on being involved in our efforts.

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